Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

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Beth Fellows

I remember arriving in Welcome Week being overwhelmed with the amount on offer that I ended up just floating through my first two years not being involved. However, in my third year after the encouragement of friends I pushed myself to participate and try something new. When I did, this changed my university experience exponentially. Your time at Edinburgh is about so much more than your degree, and from my experiences and many others, it is the extra-curricular activities that provide students with not only great opportunities but also where you find your home away from home. I want to ensure this experience is there for all students and that is why I am running to be your next Vice President Activities and Services.



  • Start #taketen campaign during deadlines periods, encouraging people to take a ten minute walk or break from study. With the idea of finding sponsorship from step counting suppliers.
  • Make Wednesday afternoons free to enable participation in extra-curricular activities for all.
  • Provide more farmers’ markets across the university to promote localism over consumerism.
  • Stock Playerlayer’s environmentally friendly Ecolayer products in the EUSA shops.
  • See free yoga expanded to include KB, Little France and Easter Bush.                                           



  • Celebrating student events – ensure big student university events are included in your outlook calendar so you never miss an event.
  • Connecting our societies and sports clubs through skill swaps e.g. Bhangra teaching Korfball and vice-versa.
  • Expand the #WeAreEdinburgh student profiles and make it a feature of the university website, so people know about all the incredible things you are doing!



  • Every school to have a school society – which would work on everything from:
    • Representation
    • Conferences and Socials
    • Peer-support
    • School Families
    • Intra-mural sport
    • Meet the lecturer events
  • Lobby for schools to employ students to run school social media page and create Instagram competitions between the schools.