Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (International and Multicultural)

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Maryam Helmi

Hi everyone, I'm running as Activities Representative for International and Multicultural Societies!

Before I came to Scotland, I grew up meeting people of many ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds in international communities across Malaysia, Bahrain and Qatar. Throughout that time living abroad, I learnt to accommodate my initial culture shock and homesickness every day that I lived away from family and home comforts.

But that isn't the case for everyone here. As students studying miles away from home, we all want a space in Edinburgh where we can briefly return home without paying for extortionate plane tickets.

As someone passionate about community representation, I have actively participated in my department's Peer and Learning Scheme and Student-Staff Liaison Committee since 2016. Through listening to student feedback, I helped my department staff implement solutions for a better learning experience.

As your Activities Rep, I want to extend my passion for community representation to the wider student body.

I want to continue promoting familiar and welcoming spaces in our home away from home, while upholding standards of mutual respect for each other and for our Scottish and/or British counterparts.



How will I do this?


Improve Accessibility

Every international society at Edinburgh boasts a wealth of culture worth showing off. As customary for many between February and April, fantastic annual events are hosted to showcase the very best that their cultures have to offer.

As your Activities Rep, I want to ensure that these events and the societies that host them are accessible to people of all economic backgrounds, as much as they are welcoming and friendly.


Maintain Respect and Integrity

Let's face it: As a community of 18,500 European and international students, culture clashes are as inevitable as cultural exchange.

As your Activities Rep, I want to help all societies attain the highest standards of safe space policies.

By doing this, we can not only ensure that international students of every background get the safe space that they deserve, but also ensure that every society is equipped to hold constructive discourse on controversial topics in safe and respectful environments, if they wish to do so.


Thanks for reading my manifesto!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook or email (
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