Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Martha Reilly

My name is Martha and I'm running to be your Women's Officer for 2019/20. I am a proud and ever-learning intersectional feminist who has been working for women's issues throughout my time at university.

I want to create a campaign that is inclusive, justice-seeking and fundamentally celebratory of the glorious women here at the University of Edinburgh.

Being on the committee for the Women's Liberation Campaign this past year, I feel I have the experience and readiness to take on this important role. I am also the co-founder of Sanitree, an international social enterprise tackling period poverty and stigma, and a former Ambassador for 50:50 Parliament.

My manifesto:

1. Community Building

  • Raising the Profile of the Campaign – At the start of the year, I will prioritise a drive to raise awareness of the self-definition system and encourage participation in the Women's Liberation social media platforms. I will also run consultations on all campuses that are informal and welcoming, and work closely with other women's and feminist societies on campus throughout the year.
  • Liberation Collaboration - Many self-defining women at this university find themselves at an intersection of multiple identities, so a Women's officer that truly represents them must actively campaign alongside other Liberation Officers in order to advocate for them in the way that they deserve.

2. Community Healing

  • Continuing NoExcuse - Having been involved in the revamp of the NoExcuse Campaign, I am incredibly proud of all that it has achieved for survivors of sexual assault. I want to continue this important project and increase its capacity, including by setting up a network of survivors through anonymous signups, that provides a safe and supportive community throughout the year.
  • Loving Women - This year, the Women's Campaign ran a successful series of brunch events that allowed for women to recuperate from the more politicised sides of our campaign, as well as to revel in eachother's successes. I hope to continue this through running a 'Loving Women' series of round-table discussions. Women at this university are already smashing it, and it's important to take the time to lift each other up.

3. Personal Empowerment

  • Supporting Women's Leadership - I intend to bring in external facilitators to assist in running Women's 'Firing-Up Squads'. These are workshops that I have arranged in the past which aim to boost the confidence of women in their leadership capacity, whatever that may mean to them.
  • Self-love – Amongst other strategies, I hope to support body-positivity by increasing the availability of accessible and inclusive life-drawing classes on campus. I will also continue to campaign against period stigma and the tangible impacts this has on the wellbeing of all menstruating people.

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