Candidate for the position of Trans and Non-Binary Officer

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Elliot Byrom

My name is Elliot and I am a 2nd year Linguistics student. For the past two years, I have been the Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Officer for PrideSoc, The University of Edinburgh LGBTQ+ society.

This role has allowed me to work with students and staff to build up the trans community on campus and push for more trans-inclusive policy within the university. During this time I have had the opportunity to organise and run weekly social events, and collaborated with the Staff Pride Network for the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I have also been involved in student politics, speaking up for trans students at student council meetings and been heavily involved in the effort to combat transphobia on campus.

As your Trans and Non-Binary Officer I hope to continue and expand on this work. My aims include:

Community Building

  • Bridging the gap between trans and non-binary staff and students
    • Representation of trans and non-binary people in academia is vital for students who are coming up into it
    • Connections between trans and non-binary staff and students are essential to building a sense of community, history, and future
    • I will organise regular social events for trans and non-binary students and staff members to come together

Staff Training

  • Personal Tutors
    • Currently, most personal tutors do not receive any training
    • I will continue the push for compulsory training including issues impacting trans and non-binary students across all schools and departments
    • In the meantime, I will create a resource pack for all staff to ensure they have accurate information and guidance on issues impacting trans and non-binary students

University Policy

  • Gender Neutral bathrooms
    • I will continue to push for more gender neutral bathrooms in university buildings
    • Focusing on campuses outside of George Square which have been neglected
  • Dignity and Respect Policy
    • I will campaign to expand and clarify the University Dignity and Respect policy to prevent discrimination against groups, not just individuals
  • Transphobia on Campus
    • Currently the burden of reporting and removing transphobic materials on campus falls to concerned students and staff
    • I will advocate frequent, regular sweeps of campus by security and maintenance staff to document and remove these materials
  • Clarity on Existing Policy
    • There is a lack of easily accessible information about the University’s current trans-inclusive policies, such as the process of changing your name and gender registered with the university
    • I will work to improve access to information about these policies