Candidate for the position of Edinburgh College of Art Undergraduate School Representative

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Apolloniya Vlasova

I am a current 3rd year History of Art student, a Class Rep for my degree, the Vice President for the History of Art Society, and a former LGBT+ Liberation Campaign Welfare Rep. I am also in collaboration with the Association for Art History aimed at building a nationwide network that connects all undergraduate departments and facilitate the exchange of information and resources between UK universities.

These roles have allowed me to gain indispensable experience in communicating with students and staff and to form useful connections with both. As the Undergraduate ECA Rep, my goal would be to further enhance the academic and social experience by creating an open dialogue with the University and to shape the ECA based on your needs as students.

As a current Student Rep in the long term ECA Estates project (a plan to redevelop the whole ECA architecturally to optimise the space for a better student use), I am communicating with a variety of staff and student groups to achieve improvements in the physical space of the College to fit student demands. As an Undergraduate ECA Rep I would continue working hard on creating inclusive, functional spaces within our College, such as the ongoing Albertina refurbishment project, where students from all departments can participate in exchanging ideas and creative collaborations, as one of the main priorities in representing students is creating a strong sense of community and bringing people together to create a positive and motivating environment. As a part of this plan, I intend to focus on creating better social and study spaces on the campus.

Being a former LGBT+ Liberation Campaign Welfare Rep, I aim to continue representing the diverse communities in the ECA through promoting initiatives such as the Queer Arts Collective and representing them in the wider context of the University, as well as ensuring your wellbeing and improving the University support structures.

Along with the social aspects, I intend to focus on improving academics and revising the curriculum across all ECA courses. Being the student member in the Internal Review for the School of Philosophy and a participant in the Internal Review of History of Art department let me become closely familiar with the operations of various parts of the University and I will actively use this experience to enhance the quality of the academic component for all ECA students.

As an Undergraduate ECA Rep, I want to make sure that your voices are heard and have a real impact on the shaping of the Art College. Thank you for your attention and I hope to work with all of you to make the ECA an even better place for students!