Candidate for the position of Chemistry Undergraduate School Representative

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Zena Younes

I simply asked myself the following question: what do you want to get out of your UG chemistry degree? And seemingly the simple question lead to a not so simple answer. There is an intricate layer of academic, social and awareness in providing opportunities that compose my hindered answer.

I. Strengthening the platforms creating a community sense within the department and Kings wide, increasing approachability in a self-sustenance help source.

II. Demystifying the unknown around the PT system the course etc. There is so much opportunity ready for us to embark on, it's just a little bit translucent. 

III. Creating a functioning feedback system to see what resources you want at Kings that aren't already there

IV. The inclusion of diversity, equality, LGBT and mental health awareness, making sure this is integrated into kings.

I can only begin to imagine the array of answers to this question if you were to ask yourself what do you want chemistry to be?