Candidate for the position of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Nathan Zou



Vote Nathan Zou, be PPLS Proud


Growing up in America, I had the notion that at university, there should be school spirit, a feeling of belonging, a pride for your university. The problem is, Edinburgh is such a large expansive place that it’s hard to find the place where you belong.

I believe you should feel at home within your school, that you can come here for academic support, find friends, and enjoy your time here. I believe you should feel PPLS Proud.

That’s why I’m running to serve as your PPLS Undergraduate Representative for the 2019/20 school year. I promise to make PPLS feel more like a family than a school.


Family Program

Establishment of a PPLS Family Program, where 1st year students would be assigned to a family of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year “parents”. The goal is to provide 1st years with additional guidance, both academically and socially, with the transition to university academics and social life. I will also push for “parent” volunteers to receive recognition on their HEAR transcripts.


PPLS Social Life

Provide more social opportunities for PPLS students. This includes events to meet others on your degree programs, know your lecturers better, and relaxing events to sit down and take a break from the university stress.



In addition to social events held throughout the year, I believe it would be a fantastic to host a PPLS Ball at the end of the year, to celebrate all the work students have done.


Increased Communication with Program Representatives

There are 32 program reps, representing every year and subject within PPLS. I believe their voices should be taken with more consideration. We can work together to host socials to hear from more students and provide support.


Coordination with PPLS Societies and Department

The Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, and CogSci societies all do great work, and I believe the Department should provide more resources to help them put together amazing opportunities for students. I believe we can work together to help put on great events such as a PPLS Ball.


Organization of PPLS Social Media

There are many events at Dugald Stewart advertised with flyers on elevators, but not online. The PPLS Social Media accounts should have these online for students. Resources like PhilPals, FamiLing, and the Initiatives Fund should be easier for students to discover. PPLS has a wide-reaching online platform that is not being utilized to its potential.


Finally, a representative should serve you. That’s why I will always be willing to listen to your concerns, and fight to make student life better here at PPLS. Vote Nathan Zou, be PPLS Proud.