Candidate for the position of Health in Social Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Kennedy McCormack

My name is Kennedy McCormack and I'm currently a 3rd year in the Health, Science and Society MA. I have served as a Year Representative my entire time at the University of Edinburgh.

My goals as School of Health and Social Science Representative are: 

  • Promote the Undergraduate Programmes from our School not only to other schools within the University of Edinburgh, but also promote our degrees to outside employers and volunteer programmes, academics, and prospectives students.
  • Enhance our learning experience with more opportunities for course and degree programme feedback
  • Improve our schools relationship with other schools within the University to ensure that course options are expanded and social ties are improved 
  • Create a relationship with the Postgraduate degree programme, as to increase course option, and create lasting relationships for postgraduate entry, if applicable
  • Foster better relationships between years in each degree programme and between degree programmes

Just because we are a small undergraduate cohort, does not mean that our voices do not deserve to be heard by the school, EUSA, and the University. My goal is to make sure that our school can continue to thrive and improve as we grow with the support of the students, staff, and faculty of the School of Health in Social Science.