Candidate for the position of President

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Andrew Wilson

Hi, I'm Andrew, an English Language and Linguistics student, and I'm standing to be your next President!

I want to create a Students' Association that makes sense for all students, with practical policies that will directly improve your everyday student life. Here's how:

Make Edinburgh Safer

  • The Students' Association should make Test Your Own Drugs kits available, leading on a harm reduction strategy when it comes to student drug use

  • Push for use of a 'Marks Out Of Tenancy' rating scheme for University of Edinburgh students so you can review your landlords, letting agent and flats

  • Run a 'Ready to Rent' campaign offering support in finding private accommodation, with extensive how-to guides and information about your renting rights

  • I'll work on strengthening the #NoExcuse campaign and introduce consent workshops in Welcome Week throughout student halls

Make Edinburgh Cheaper

  • Launch a 'Shop Small' scheme to link University of Edinburgh students up with local businesses that offer them an exclusive discount

  • Create a pre-paid 'Cheese Card', giving you free entry to Students' Association club nights and of course, Big Cheese

  • Ensure that the University publishes a comprehensive and transparent breakdown of all specific additional course costs for all students and work on reducing this burden on student wallets

Make Edinburgh Sexier

  • Make free condoms and lube available in all bathrooms across the University

  • Launch regular open access STI testing on all campuses and access to free, postal chlamydia test kits

  • A Liberated Edinburgh is sexy, I want to create liberation conferences throughout the year for our LGBT+, Trans, BAME, Women and Disabled Student campaigns, led by students, for students

  • Promote registering to vote and establish regular drop-ins with local MPs, MSPs and Councillors, because what's sexier than democracy?

Make Edinburgh Easier

  • Make freshly made and affordable meal kits available in all Students' Association outlets

  • Create secure charging stations across campuses for you to charge your devices without a worry

  • Student Life can often take its toll - I want to raise awareness of and build on our mental health services and well-being provisions

  • I'll ensure that the University's rent guarantor scheme is expanded and improved by removing administrative fees and creating more places for our 41,000 students, making it easier for more students to find a flat

Make Edinburgh Greener

  • Establish a food-sharing initiative to reduce food waste and enhance the sense of community amongst students

  • Work on ensuring transport to King’s Buildings and Easter Bush is fit for purpose, sustainable and affordable - no more ridiculous queues!

  • I want to end unnecessary paper hand ins - the future is digital and more accessible!

  • I'll develop a carpool system for students - for commuting students to students on placement, make friends whilst reducing your carbon footprint