Candidate for the position of NUS Scotland Delegates

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Ruby Wlaschin

Hello! My name is Ruby and I am running to be one of your NUS Scotland Delegates! I am a 3rd year International Relations student, public speaker and committee member of Sexpression Edinburgh.

Why me?

As recurring year and class representative in my degree and as a LGBT+ Liberation committee member, I am very familiar with student representation, and am well prepared to represent your views at the conference. It is important to me that representation at NUS is inclusive of all experiences and voices, because student liberation and success is intersectional. I am well equipped to take on the responisbility of ensuring this and to bring a strong and passionate voice of inclusion at the NUS conference. 

What will be my main focus areas at the NUS Conference?


- Using my experience as an LGBT+ person to ensure that queer, trans and non-binary students are well represented.

- Engaging with BME, Disabled, Post-Graduate and Carer students and representatives to decipher what issues need to and can be addressed in wider-scale campaigns. 


- Using my position as a delegate to bring to light issues that concern the wellbeing of international students. 

- Addressing the complex, underfunded and limited systems of Univeristy mental health and disability services. 

Curriculum Diversification

- Seeking to widen the drive for more diverse courses and material by exploring policy and campaigning options for curricula diversification. 


I know I will be a great represenative because I am passionate about and devoted to these issues. I have already done plenty of work in these areas and am ready to continue pushing for change at the NUS level. Vote Ruby fro NUS Delegate!!