Candidate for the position of Literatures, Languages & Cultures Undergraduate School Representative

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Harry Banks

As a student in LLC, I have always wanted to make sure that I can play my part in ensuring the school is at its best for my fellow students. That is why I am running for the position of School Representative of the School of Literature Languages and Cultures, and I know I am the best possible person for the job.

You might be wondering of course, what I intend to do in my role as your school rep, to which I have a number of plans, some of which including:

-Stronger presence of our school in the University as a whole

-Working to improve the standard of administration within the school

-Fortnightly surgeries where any issues can be brought forward face to face and all questions answered

-Strengthening relations between course reps and the school itself

-Ensuring strong relations between the school, its students, and the students association

Of course, anybody could claim to set these forwards, so why should I be your rep? This I can answer without difficulty. I have had two years of experience as a course representative for Scottish literature, wherein I helped to improve course standards, including the additional course Literature at the Borders. With this I have a great knowing of communications with the staff in the school. I have also been a part of the LitPALS scheme and have shown my willing and readiness to do what I can for my students.

As your school representative I will use every inch of my experiences to make sure the student experience is at its best and all needs and requests are brought forward.