Candidate for the position of History, Classics & Archaeology Undergraduate School Representative

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Mickey Ferguson

As a student of the HCA I am hoping to effect change as your undergraduate representative! 

I believe the key issues in the HCA deal with advanced marking criteria and essay guidance, our HCA community activities, issues with the learn website, as well as our relationship with EUSA.

As your HCA representative I plan to:

  1. Work with staff to create freshers essay and exam seminars for each subject area. 
  2. Work with staff to create a clearer marking scheme for each subject area.
  3. Work with staff to create a more consistent understanding of how Learn is meant to be used.
  4. Campaign for a more comprehensive Degree representative system that includes a webpage and email list to allow more students provide feedback.
  5. Revamp the HCA community cup by involving the History, Classics, and Archaeology societies and foster a more general, overarching sense of an HCA community.
  6. Continue weekly drop-ins and create an online semesterly HCA feedback questionnaire.
  7. Campaign for HCA mugs in the common room. 

Because my degree is Ancient History and Classical Archaeology I have taken courses in each of the three subjects and have friends in all three areas of our college. I have also been a class rep/degree rep for the last three years, which means I understand the representation system and how to best affect change. This places me in the perfect position to gather feedback from History, Classics, and Archaeology students and ensure that your voices are heard, and necessary changes are made. I truly love being part of the HCA community, and hope you will allow me to represent you next year! 


Here is some extra information about my key issues and the reasoning behind why I have chosen them!

As an international student I felt thrown into university without enough guidance on essays and exams. It’s clear that I am not the only student with this issue; in last year’s NSS survey only 59% of HCA students voted that they were satisfied with the marking criteria given by the HCA. This is unacceptable, and as your representative I will work with staff to create a unified and clear marking scheme as well as freshers essay seminars for each subject area.

Further, every student I have spoken with has had issues with the Learn pages. Issues arise because not all the lecturers are aware of every learn function or because each course posts readings and assignments under different tabs. With a more consistent understanding of a) what is meant to be posted under which tabs on learn and b) when readings should be posted before a class, using the learn website will become easier for both lecturers and students.