Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Political)

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Jordan Dowd

As the incumbent Political Activities Representative, I have consistently voted for Student Council resolutions which improve our university's accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability, and will continue to do so if re-elected. I am committed to furthering social justice at all levels of university life and operations, and will continue to work alongside our political societies to hold events and support campaigns for a more equitable community, both inside and outside the University.

Student societies’ ongoing campaigns which I have supported this year include accessibility upgrades to our facilities for students with disabilities, automatic voter registration, reusable materials and reduction in plastics use for a more environmentally sustainable campus, improvements to student services, greater resources for international students affected by Brexit, and the student campaign for a People’s Vote on the withdrawal from the European Union. I will unconditionally support the University and College Union in its campaign to protect the pensions and working conditions of our teachers, and in the event of further industrial action I will use the position to promote greater student participation in Union-led campaign activities, including strikes.

Other projects I will work on in the upcoming academic year include more substantial orientation events for new students, sexual harassment prevention campaigns and awareness training, campaigning for greater accessibility of student support services (and against the mandatory interruptions policy), and lobbying the university for more funding for volunteering/service grants and for society grants. 

I will also continue to provide logistical support for our student societies in navigating paperwork, the university bureaucracy, and the EUSA banking system.

A vote for Jordan Dowd is a vote for equity, social justice, and an activist student government. I hope you will consider my candidacy and those of other candidates running on similar platforms.

Feel free to find me on Facebook if you have any more questions about my policies or ongoing campaigns!

Peace and Love,