Candidate for the position of Edinburgh Medical Undergraduate School Representative

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Heather McAdam

Hello! I'm Heather, a second year medical student who recently took a year out due to illness and was able to utilise many of the student support facilities available. From sharing my experiences, I received a wide range of feedback from my fellow students and would like to be able to improve on the following areas:

More accessible student support

I am currently working on two projects that I would like to continue as student representative. Firstly, we are working on creating a guidebook on resources available for mental health support for all current medical students. Secondly, I have been elected as president for the new student led mental health society, WellMed, specifically for medics which will include study support, open discussions and socials. As student representative, I will have access to more resources to bring these projects to life in a way that students want.

Clear course guidelines

Most courses have access to course handbooks and medicine should be no exception. I aim to work with module organisers to make a clear outline for each academic year with distinct learning outcomes, deadlines and explanations that is available easily via a PDF rather than be cluttered all over Learn.

Fairer personal tutor system

I hope to work with the Medical Teaching Organisation to create a more welcoming atmosphere between staff and students with regular reminders of the support they can offer. I also want to create a clear protocol for Personal Tutors and what to do if they do not reach the standard needed, with regular feedback surverys each semester.