Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Employment, Transferable Skills and Finance)

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Raman Goyal

I’m Raman Goyal, a 2nd Year Artificial Intelligence with Management Student. I’m energetic, vibrant and strive to enjoy life in active and invigorating ways. I am determined to contribute my time and energy to create positive changes that students want to see. I want the students of the University of Edinburgh to feel I’m a person who they trust. 

I have been active in many student media endeavors and have previously served on the executive committee, making me the ideal and most experienced candidate for the role. Being active in many different societies, I’ve seen it all and I can use that knowledge to help societies that get a bit stuck. Owning my own business has built up skills in financial decision making as well other transferable business skills.

Vote me in as your Activities Representatives (Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance) representative and I’ll put in my heart and soul into my role.