Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Steph Vallancey

Hi I’m Steph and I want to be your next VP Education!

I am in my fourth year of (MA) Health, Science and Society, and before this grew up in Oregon, USA. 

I have been a Program Rep for 3 years which has let me become a School Rep for the School of Health in Social Science. I am Basketball President in a very challenging year for the club in which, I have led us in restructuring and developing the club, making sure our hard work has a lasting effect. I have sat on numerous committees including CUGLAT (College UG Learning and Teaching), SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee), and Student Council. All of this experience will help me use the representation systems to create real change. If elected, I will work towards supporting your voice on key educational issues and help us all make lasting change. 


Quality Teaching and Feedback

  • Clear and quality feedback on all assignments and exams.
  • Transparency and consistency in marking criteria.
  • Promote mid-semester feedback on all courses. 
  • Easier access to post exam scripts.


Student Support: 

  • Enhance the Personal Tutor System
    • Promote a consistency through schools.
    • Ensure PTs are better equipped to handle students’ problems.
    • Enforce Mental Health training for all PTs. 
  • Work for an earlier release of exam diet in semester 1 so students are able to prepare.
  • Improve the Student Rep system. 
    • Make it easier for your voice to be heard.
    • Create an online rep system, where students can quickly access their representatives. 
  • Improve outreach and support for International, Part-time, Carers, Mature, and post grad students. 
  • Improve support available for students on placements, dual honors, altered timetables, or year abroad.  
  • Lobby for schools to engage more with their representatives.


Accessible and Inclusive Academia:

  • Promote diverse and alternative forms of assessment and teaching.
  • Continue the fight for all lectures to be recorded.
  • Support the review of the Special Circumstances Policy to make it more inclusive, accessible and transparent for students. 
  • Support Wednesday afternoons free for sports and societies. 
  • Paperless hand ins for all assessments and dissertations.
  • Lobby against hidden course costs, provide grants for required textbooks, and increase printing credit. 
  • More study space in Kings and satellite campuses.
  • Continue support for diversifying the curriculum