Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer


Hi, I'm Esme and I am a first year History student. I am a self-proclaimed feminist and womanist from inner-city London, and have a strong interest in intersectionality. As a BME student, I value inclusivity as well as building and preserving safe spaces for us. Creating a truly intersectional campaign is incredibly important to me and my first job will be to work alongside the other liberation groups to ensure EUSA are fully representative of our views. Here at Edinburgh I want BME Students to engage in conversations about the issues that affect us. We have the power to shape the way EUSA impacts on our university experience and I will be at the forefront of this movement, campaigning and making real change. 

My manifesto points are as follows:

•I will work more inter-connectedly with the other liberation groups

•I shall continue the work started with the university on engaging more BME students at Edinburgh 

•I will continue to engage in the discussions started with academics on the WhyIsMyCurriculumWhite campaign

•To form stronger bonds with other societies that represent BME students to encourage more engagement with the BME group and its campaigns.

•And to then use these connections with the other liberations groups and societies to create a network of Edinburgh University’s BME students

•I want our presence on social media as well as offline to make our network more accessible to BME students who want to communicate with EUSA.

•I will continue to work with the StudentsNotSuspects Campaign to protect student groups from the enforcement of the Prevent strategy

• I will represent BME students as well as I possibly can.