We’re constantly working on your behalf, fighting to improve the experience for all students at the University of Edinburgh.

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Successfully lobbied for a University-wide review of Personal Tutor and Student Support structures. (May 2019)
Fought for student consultation on reforms of the University’s Support for Study policy. (March 2019)
University Finance team mentoring Student Treasurers. (February 2019)
Oversaw a University-wide review of support for Black and Minority Ethnic students. (October 2019)
Delivered training on microaggressions to 300+ students and staff. (October 2019)
Oversaw implementation of a more effective, reformed Programme Rep system. (September 2019)
A review of Joint-honours Programmes; looking at the provision, structures and support mechanisms. (March 2018)
Lobbied the University to create a working group focused on Diversifying the Curriculum. (March 2018)
Main library now open 24/7. (February 2017)
£5,000 to subsidise students on Chaplaincy mindfulness courses. (December 2016)
Introduction of mid semester feedback. (December 2016)
New student leadership development course. (December 2016)
University-wide lecture recordings from 2017/18. (October 2016)
Co-designed new gender studies course: Gender in the Contemporary World. (September 2016)
University-wide coursework extension policy. (March 2016)
Exam dates released a week earlier. (August 2016)
Over 400 new study spaces in the Main Library. (January 2016)
Mental Health Peer Support in Schools. (January 2019)
Bigger and better free yoga on campus (November 2018)
Biggest Mental Health and Wellbeing Week yet. (November 2018)
Free sanitary products on all campuses. (October 2018)
£8million funding a new Wellbeing Centre with nine extra rooms for the Student Counselling and Disability Services. (April 2018)
Ran a campus-wide Mental Health and Wellbeing Week with 50+ events. (November 2017)
Free sanitary products and pregnancy tests. (January 2016)
A new Student Parents' space in Teviot Study. (December 2018)
Heat and Eat available in Teviot. (November 2018)
All-day breakfast now at Teviot. (November 2018)
ABBA Takeover Night (November 2018)
Big Cheese pre-sale tickets now £4. (October 2018)
Iced coffee in Baristo. (October 2018)
Monthly Clubs v Socs clubnight! (September 2018)
KeepCup giveaway. (September 2018)
Sanitary bins in all toilets, not just women's. (February 2018)
Free Big Cheese on your birthday. (January 2018)
Offering more gender-neutral toilets across the University. (December 2017)
A monthly famers market in Potterrow. (November 2017)
Crush, the students Association’s first monthly LGBT+ club night on campus. (November 2017)
10% discount for elected representatives in our outlets. (October 2017)
New Heat and eat station installed at Potterrow. (September 2017)
£100,000 investment in the Wee Red Bar. (Summer 2017)
Helmets, puncture kits, locks and hi-vis at cost price in retail outlets. (June 2017)
Over £500,000 investment in King’s Buildings House. (Spring 2017)
Removed minimum card spend in all Students' Association outlets. (February 2017)
Gluten free burgers in KBH’s Mayfield and Teviot’s Library Bar. (February 2017)
Bring your own vegan cheese for pizzas in Teviot’s Library Bar. (February 2017)
Halloumi burgers back by popular demand! (November 2016)
Introduction of Meat Free Mondays in Teviot's New Amphion. (October 2016)
Development of world-class activities facilities at the Pleasance. (January 2016)
Locally sourced, sustainable food #30miles (January 2016).
Secured £10,000 for an International Student Participation Grant. (September 2018)
Secured an additional £150,000 for the Discretionary Fund, supporting students most in need. (June 2018)
Developed the first ever Student Partnership Agreement, funding 14 projects with £7,500 investment from the University. (November 2017)
£5,000 Social Enterprise Fund supporting student businesses. (December 2016)
£10,000 Participation Grant to help students get involved in Activities and Sports. (December 2016)
£2 million increase in undergraduate bursaries for low income students. (March 2016)
£10,000 wellbeing fund set up for student-led initiatives. (February 2016)
Supporting Women in Homelessness: hundreds of sanitary products collected for Edinburgh's homeless. (February 2017)
Mental health first aid training for all 1,300 Personal Tutors. (March 2016)
Delivered four van loads of student donations to refugees in Calais. (January 2016)
Secured a price freeze on the cheapest University student accommodation for 2018/19. (November 2017)
Worked with the University to reduce student accommodation rents. (November 2016)
Linking year abroad students and alumni. (December 2018)
Free buses for students to attend Scottish Varsity rugby. (September 2018)
A new King’s Building Shuttle bus timetable that fits better with your studies. (September 2017)
New £1 bus ticket from Kings Building after 6.30pm. (September 2017)
New 9 month Student Ridacard - no more paying for months you won't use! (September 2016)
Taxi scheme to get you home when you’re stranded. (March 2016)
Established a Trans and Non-Binary Liberation campaign (January 2019)
Overwhelming support for improvements to our democracy. (March 2016)
Celebrating Art Students - ECA graduates' work sold in University of Edinburgh Gift Shop. (June 2019)
Advocated for a strong Staff-Student Relationship Policy. (January 2019)
Funding secured to look into student cards on phones (November 2018)
Renamed a lecture theatre in honour of prominent student activist. (October 2018)
First ever KB Activities Fair. (September 2018)
Launched a new anti-sexual harassment campaign: #NoExcuse (September 2018)
Pronoun badges available to all students. (September 2018)
Training in bystander intervention for 600 student leaders by September 2018. (April 2018)
Training for frontline staff in responding to disclosures of sexual violence. (April 2018)
Gender Empowerment Fund: free gender-affirming items bought for trans/non-binary students. (April 2018)
Developed the Student Representation system to focus on Programmes, with the introduction of in-person training. (March 2018)
Launch the Skill Swap Platform. (January 2018)
Transgender Awareness Training. (November 2017)
Ethical investment and conflict minerals policy for the University. (March 2016)
Worked with the Chaplaincy to secure University funding for student mindfulness training. (January 2016)