Setting up a Society

Find out all you need to know about starting a society here


Setting up a Volunteering Project

Setting up a Volunteeting Project is a great way to create either a regular or one-off project that makes a difference and benefits the wider community. Reach out and share your enjoyment, interest and passion or do something to benefit another cause! You do not have to have a fully formed project, just an idea and a commitment to making something happen.


We can provide the following:

1. One-to-one support to help you in your research and planning

2. Help with contacting organisations in the community

3. Support with recruiting volunteers

4. Provide relevant training

5. Help you keep track of your project's progress and impact

6. Funding to cover project costs: apply for funding from the Student Opportunities and Development Fund

7. Publicising your activities


Contact to tell us about your project and we'll get in touch to help you take it forward.