Spotlight on Volunteering

Spotlight on Team Leaders and Volunteering Ambassadors


The Volunteering Service offers many programmes that students can get involved with, including one-off volunteering and an ambassador scheme.


Team Leaders are involved in our one-off volunteering programme, they are the key contact and liaison between local organisations and charities, the Volunteering Service at the Students' Association, and students taking part. Team Leaders are trained and gain skills in project management, communication and working with small groups of people. If you're interested in one-off volunteering, you'll most likely meet them!


The Team Leaders this year are Elina Turner, Katlo Bastile, Sabrina Shafiq, Jenny Lin, Godwin Aniteo, Emma Wright, Sarah Dange and Ben Yu.


Volunteering Ambassadors are students with an interest in volunteering and helping the community. They spread your passion and inspire our students! They represent volunteering and share their own volunteering story. They are trained and develop interpersonal skills, events management and public engagement. They are at the Main Library every second week during semester, come and say hello!


The Volunteering Ambassadors this year are Jenny Lin, Thomas Evans and Ben Yu.


Find out more about some of our wonderful Team Leaders and Volunteering Ambassadors. 


Godwin Aniteo - Team Leader





Hey, I'm Godwin (or Kodjo to some), I'm a 2nd year Economics and Economic History student and I'm a team leader in volunteering. I've always enjoyed spending my time helping others and I'm especially keen on international aid. I hope to improve my Chinese enough to be able to take my desires far East!















Katlo Batsile - Team Leader




Hi everyone! My name is Katlo Batsile and I’m a 3rd year Chemical Engineering with Management student. I got involved with this programme because I thought it would be a good way to meet new people of a similar mindset to mine and because I felt the need to volunteer my time to help other people as well. I strongly believe that people should not underestimate the importance of volunteering even if it’s just an hour of their time a month to helping out and even possibly contributing to however small or big a cause they may choose.










Emma Wright - Team Leader






My name is Emma and I am a third-year Politics with Quantitative Methods student. I am one of the volunteer team leaders this year, so I look forward to working with you all across the projects we have running this year. I really love coffee art, Lilo and Stitch, and banana bread.









Ben Yu - Team Leader and Volunteering Ambassador




Hi, my name is Ben Yu! I am studying Computer Science in the second year. I am a big fan of the scenes around our historic city. I aim to walk over every street in Edinburgh in 4 years. Feel free to ask me any view spots in Edinburgh.









Images courtesy of the Team Leaders and Volunteering Ambassadors


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