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Volunteer's Week







Image: Best Buddies Volunteering Society

The week of 1-7 June is Volunteer’s Week, an opportunity to celebrate volunteers and their diverse work.


Through the Volunteering Service, Edinburgh University students make a huge contribution to the local community:whether as an individual or through a Volunteering Society, Volunteering Project or Team Volunteering.


In 2016-17, students volunteered 49, 463 hours through the Volunteering Service with 2, 572 people benefitting directly.* 

Here’s what one beneficiary says: ‘Having a clean and renovated classroom will be a huge benefit to the hundreds of children next year.We are delighted with the group.’ - Broomlee Centre, Scottish Environmental and Outdoor Education Centres Association


Thank you to all the student volunteers, societies and projects that make a difference. Happy Volunteer’s Week!


Find out more about the Volunteering Service.
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*Edinburgh University Students’ Association Activities Annual Report 2016/17