The Volunteering Service is operating remotely and at a reduced capacity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This may affect the response time to your queries.

Information for students:

  • - Students will be able to continue applying to opportunities on the Volunteering Hub
  • - Please read our blog on Volunteering and Coronavirus/Covid-19 for guidance on volunteering during this time as well as opportunities available, including helping the community and online volunteering.

Information for organisations can be found here.

The Volunteering Service


Whether your goals are to enhance your career, education, social life, wellbeing, have more fun, make more connections, or help others or a cause you’re passionate about, volunteering can help you achieve these.


The Volunteering Service is open year round and exists to connect University of Edinburgh students with the local community as well as UK based volunteering opportunities with Third Sector organisations. It offers a volunteering brokerage, student-led volunteering societies, one-off community projects, organises events, as well as advice, resources, funding, awards and recognition to students who volunteer.
Contact us: I 0131 650 9904 I Activities Office, Potterrow Dome


Spotlight on Volunteering

  • Mon 23 Mar 2020 16:53


    There’s a high chance that volunteering will be far from people’s minds at the moment, and that’s completely understandable. Being healthy, and keeping loved ones safe, will undoubtedly be at the forefront of everyone’s priorities and our thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the virus. However, we wanted to share some advice about how you can negotiate this period and how students can continue to contribute to their communities. In relation to all of the below we strongly recommend you follow the advice that’s been provided by Edinburgh University Students’ Association and the UK government and do not take undue risks with your personal health. 


    What about my current volunteering? 

    In light of the rapidly changing situation and impact of Covid-19, you may find that your volunteering is being postponed or cancelled. Ensure that you look out for communications from the organisation/s you are volunteering with – they will likely provide information on what the next steps are. If they have not been in touch with you about this, please get in touch with them. Bear in mind that they may be receiving a high volume of queries at this time and may take a little time to get back to you.  


    We recommend all students discontinue volunteering in-person at this time. Help yourself and others by following the UK government’s advice to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home during this time. 


    If you decide to discontinue volunteering, that is understandable, and it is your right to make that decision. Please communicate this clearly with your organisation and give them as much notice as possible.  


    How can you help? 

    With the ongoing Covid-19/Coronavirus outbreak lots of people are offering their help to those who may be in need of assistance in these difficult times. If you are continuing to, or thinking about volunteering in person, Volunteer Edinburgh (Edinburgh's local volunteering centre) has created Guidance and FAQs for volunteers in light of Covid-19 - please read this carefully. 


    Supporting communities during Covid-19

    We are currently in the process of speaking to partners and will add relevant opportunities to the list below as we receive them.


    It is expected that foodbanks, community groups and those helping the elderly to be most in need and donating items or money to these groups could make an invaluable difference. Follow their social media and websites to see if and when they are looking to recruit volunteers. 


    Keep yourself safe while helping others - you must follow government guidelines!


    Here is a list of ways you can help your community:


    Volunteer from home 

    If you discontinue your physical volunteering, we’ve compiled a list of digital and at home volunteering opportunities to help you spend your time and continue to contribute, as well as stay connected to communities:

    Online opportunities on Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s Volunteering Hub  

    People Know How: supporting children, young people, adults and families

    United Nations Volunteers 

    Princes Trust Online Mentors 

    Help from Home: micro volunteering opportunities 

    LibriVox: read and record chapters of books 

    Translators without borders 

    Zooniverse: online research projects 

    Project Implicit 

    The Maturity of Baby Sounds: help us to better understand the very first stages of language learning 

    Be My Eyes: a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call 

    Action for insects: pledge to help insects 

    Run, Herring, Run!: count baby river herring as they head to sea! 

    Miss Maps: help to map areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people 

    Floating Forrests: help us uncover the history of Giant Kelp forests around the globe 

    Instant Wild: online conservation work 

    Garden Birdwatch – British Trust for Ornithology 

    Star-Spotting: Natural History Museum 

    Loving Hands: knitting, crochet and sewing for charities 

    Catchafire: skills-based volunteering 

    Help From Home: microvolunteering

    The Mix: supporting under-25s

    ZSL Instant Wild conservation at your fingertips 


    If you are aware of any others, let the Volunteering Service know, email


    Let us know what you are doing

    We'd love to know what you have been/are doing to help others or the community during the coronavirus outbreak. Use the hashtag #edstudentsvolunteer or email Find out what the University community has been up to here.


    Remember to log your hours if you are volunteering

    Log your hours on the Volunteering Hub to get recognition for your volunteering. Take part in our Community Volunteer Award.


    Please note that the Volunteering Service is now working remotely and contactable via email only.