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The Volunteering Service is operating remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic and is contactable via email only.


Whether your goals are to enhance your career, education, social life, wellbeing, have more fun, make more connections, or help others or a cause you’re passionate about, volunteering can help you achieve these.

The Volunteering Service is open year-round and exists to connect University of Edinburgh students with the local community as well as opportunities to volunteer with national and international Third Sector organisations. It offers a volunteering brokerage, student-led volunteering societies, one-off community projects, organises events, as well as advice, resources, funding, awards and recognition to students who volunteer.

Contact us: you would like to book an appointment for a virtual meeting to speak to a member of our team, please email with your availability and a member of the team will get back to you. 


Spotlight on Volunteering

  • Tue 23 Feb 2021 12:23

    “Overall, my experience as a volunteer and mentee at LINKnet has been amazing. I am very grateful to everyone at LINKnet for the experience and the ongoing support.” 


    The Volunteering Service works with local and national volunteering providers to offer students activities to enrich their lives. LINKnet provides one-to-one mentoring in the areas of education, employment and personal development.  


    Tell us about the work that your organisation does: 


    A service user in need of support is matched with a suitable mentor and the mentor supports them on a weekly basis to achieve the set goal. 


    There is also an online drop-in service every day from 10 am - 4 pm that provides short-term support on employability, education and information on issues including housing, benefits, domestic abuse or mental health. Support is also offered on the importance of oral health. 


    Group English classes are offered at beginner-to-intermediate and intermediate-to-advanced levels. Classes focus on improving practical language skills for employability, further education, and life in the UK.  


    Tell us about the importance and impact of volunteers on the work you do: 


    The entire LINKnet service delivery is done through volunteers, be they management board directors, volunteer mentors, befrienders or office volunteers. The impact of the service they render to LINKnet is limitless and it has been recognised by a Queen’s Award for volunteering in 2018. LINKnet is the first and the only minority ethnic organisation in Edinburgh and the Lothians to achieve this accolade.


    Most minority ethnic (ME) people find it difficult to get employment because they do not have prior work experience in Britain. LINKnet offers voluntary positions either as volunteer mentors or as office volunteers to address this issue. In this way, LINKnet volunteers acquire work experience as well as many other skills. 


    Do you have any stories that come to mind? 


    Dovile – Volunteer Case Study 


    My journey with LINKnet Mentoring started in October 2018, when I was browsing Volunteer Edinburgh opportunities and found an Admin role. The position attracted me as it would provide great work experience and enhance my skills, while at the same I would spend my free time helping Ethnic Minorities in Scotland to integrate in the society. 


    Working in Dalkeith office alongside Nadia and Wafaa, has been extremely rewarding. I have helped with various tasks within the office, worked at various events, contributed to outreach plan. Most importantly, I have met many amazing people through LINKnet. The organization has many great volunteers, who not only support the office, but also help with the mentoring or befriending services, contribute to smooth running of the events, promote LINKnet and its services whenever possible. 


    LINKnet Mentoring has not only provided me with great work experience. As I have been struggling to find a job after graduating university, I was also allocated a mentor. Maggi has been helping me to fulfil my employment goals, job searching, interview skills. The service has been extremely beneficial, as I have gained more confidence, built a new CV, and filled in a lot of applications. The support I receive from Maggi and Dissa was just outstanding. Experience and help received at LINKnet eventually led to a great job opportunity in a charity sector. I am very delighted to start learning new skills and gain more knowledge about charitable activities, fundraising, community involvement, administration and even customer service. 


    Overall, my experience as a volunteer and mentee at LINKnet has been amazing. I am very grateful to everyone at LINKnet for the experience and the ongoing support. 


    Useful information: 


    LINKnet is offering its services remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown.  


    LINKnet limits volunteer work with it to six months in order to offer the opportunities to others. It has developed many volunteers in this manner and they have all found paid employment. 


    All LINKnet services are free of charge and offered to minority ethnic people. 


    Visit the Volunteering Hub to browse current opportunities at LINKnet.  


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