Checklist for submitting a proposal for a new society

1. Is the 'society' route right for you?

  • Being a society carries benefits, but also obligations - to the Students' Association and to your members. There are various other structures within the Students' Association your group might fit best with, but don't worry we'll help you there if we identify a better route. 


2.  Confirm that you fulfil a genuine and distinct niche. To do so, have a look at existing societies. Do any of their activities overlap with what you are proposing? If your activity overlaps - you need to get written approval from the other society to submit with your application. Although even with the written approval, the committee that approves new societies may reccomend that you seek to combine with the other society rather than form a new one. 


3.  Have a look at the Proposed Societies' Policy.


4.  Draft a constitution.

  • Have a look at some current society constitutions as well - there should be a link on their pages - to get an idea of how a constitution should look.
  • Additionally, have a look at this example constitution. It contains certain clauses which are mandatory for a registered society to have. 


5.  Recruit more than 20 members and start functioning as a group to support your proposal.

  • Provide a list of 20 signatures and corresponding matric numbers to evidence this.


You should arrange a meeting with the the Societies Team in the first instance to talk about your idea. They are there to guide you through this process, so make sure you contact them to keep them informed, and be sure to get in contact for any advice. You can book a meeting here:



Book a Meeting




If you are totally confident that all the above points have been covered, propose your new society via this online form.


New societies are approved by a sub committee of the Activities Executive, which is a student group formed by the Activities Representatives. They will consider your proposal and compare your society model to the criteria above before taking a vote on whether to register your proposed group. The Executive will meet Monthly from October to March.

Application windows:
  • October 1st - November 15th
  • January 15th - March 1st
  • Applications wil close at 5pm in both semesters!


During these windows, applications will be received and reviewed. The committee will get in touch throughout this time if they need further information or to clarify any questions from the application. 
Once the application window closes - final decisions will be made within the first week of December and societies will be notified of the decision made. 
Running a Society can be a lot of work but a very rewarding experience. Don't hesitate to speak to a member of our Societies team or an Activities Representative who can put you in contact with existing Societies Members who will have advice of their own to provide you.