Wine Society


  • Wine Society Academic Year Student Membership£15.00
  • Wine Society Academic Year Non-Student Membership£35.00

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 The Wine Society meets every Monday at 7/7:30pm for a tasting of 6 wines. We have a different theme each week (eg French wines, Italian wines etc) so have a look at our events as they come out on Facebook!

They are very chilled tastings and you don't need to know anything about wine!  Highlights of the Wine Society’s calendar include the annual  Black tie Christmas Dinner and the Champagne tasting saved for the end of the year.

Captain Wine
Thomas Dalhuisen
Events Manager
Judith Tarrant
Alex Wendelken-Dickson
Ellie Maccallum
Theo Macdonald
Social Secretary
Zita Chengadu
Philip Czaja