Translators' Society

Edinburgh's first Society dedicated to translation and interpretation. Join us today!


  • Translators' Society Academic Year Student Membership£4.00
  • Translators' Society Academic Year Non Student Membership£4.00

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Hey everyone!

Translators' Society is dedicated to helping all students of Edinburgh University who are passionate about translation. We host different events based around carrers in translation ranging from lectures and workshops to socials where you can meet other people who are interested in languages and translation.

Join us if you yourself are interested and passionate about translation! We are very happy to welcome new members :) 


Much love,

2019-2020 Committee

Carlotta Riechmann
Projects Coordinator
María Victoria Velasco Sánchez
Publicity Director
Caed Barker
Kristine Klausen
Social Secretary
Giulia Novara
Rachel Slater