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Mae g'ovannen! We are the Edinburgh University Tolkien Society, here to celebrate the literary works of the great Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, and all that they have inspired. We are one of the newest societies on campus, founded in the autumn of 2015 by a history undergraduate, Jessica Leeper, who has been an avid admirer of Tolkien's works for years. Thanks to many supporters, we were at last given permission from EUSA to set up an offical running society by January 2016.

After a very successful first year filled with popular events from a workshop on invented languages, to film screenings, to friendly quizzes, this coming year (2017/18) we are planning to meet mainly on Tuesday evenings, with a great many exciting events to look forward to, not least the 80th anniversary of the publication of the book which started it all, 'The Hobbit'. No matter how stressful and busy life gets, our society is always there to provide a welcome escape to the comforts of Middle-earth. 

Check out our Facebook page at for the latest events and information. 

Join us one and all for a variety of unforgettable adventures and merry evenings with good friends, and constant cheer!






Mayor of the Shire
Carly Craig
Ordinary Member
Amy Hart
Antonio Pacitti
Clare Packard
Alina Brust
Gareth Powell
Social Media Officer
Molly Welsh
Society Liason Officer
Angus Todd
Edward Connell-French