Theatre Paradok

Theatre Paradok; home of alternative theatre at Edinburgh University.


  • Theatre Paradok Academic Year Student Membership£5.00
  • Theatre Paradok Academic Year Non-Student Membership£6.00
  • Constitution 2018

    06 Apr 2018

    Theatre Paradok's constitution, as approved by the 2017/18 committee in accordance with new EUSA guidelines, and amended on 13-02-2021 at the General Meeting.

  • Known Reviewers

    31 Mar 2020

    A resource for those looking for people to review their show. These are people we've worked with before, or have heard of! A resource for producers and directors. Top Tip- approach reviewers through the committee email, and remember to save them a complimentary ticket! This should be budgeted for.

  • Known Venues

    31 Mar 2020

    Here is an ongoing list of venues we have used as Paradok and suggestions for exciting new spaces. Refer to this before proposing!

  • Proposal form

    28 Nov 2014

    Tips for people proposing a paradok show!

  • Proposal Pack 2020

    10 Dec 2019

    Here is a quick guide for what we expect in a show proposal, give it a browse and feel free to get in contact with any questions!

  • Risk Assessment 2020 2021

    22 May 2020

    Paradok's Risk Assessment for 2020/2021. The contents will be updated throughout the year.

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Welcome to the Theatre Paradok’s EUSA profile.

We're so glad you've found us.

Theatre Paradok is a performing arts society. Our goal is to facilitate theatre that is experimental and innovative without being exclusive. We thrive off the challenging and exciting. We like theatre that’s engaging, energetic and immersive. Above all, we value enthusiasm, collaboration and pure joy. We are the only society in Edinburgh that allows practitioners to make the work they want, how they want. We'd love to have you!

There are plenty of other ways to get involved. Whether you want to get into acting, directing, costume design, set design, stage management or tech: we want to hear from you. Just send us a message or follow us on Facebook!

Usually, we put on multiple shows per year. At least one each semester and one that we take to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We take proposals from our members for all of our shows.

This year, we will be taking our usual events and workshops online. We are still planning on what exactly we want to do, but we love to hear from you nonetheless. Tell us what kind of theatre you are interested in making!

To get all our updates, find us on Facebook(, and join our member’s group at, Instagram( or sign-up for our mailing list at If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, email us at

Celebrated Members
Aude Naudi-Bonnemaison
Frances Roberts
Pollyanna Esse
Mick Zijdel
Social Secretary
Evan Bayton
Michelle Tuxen
Beth Keller