Commitee for 2018/2019


The people to present all your questions to, including our favourite 

"Would you like to dance?"


President Secretary




She keen,she supreme

but mainly she green!

Phoebe has the not impossible but definitely tricky task of keeping the committee in line and making sure they do things other than dance. However no human (or frog) can resist the power of swing and Phoebe will often be letting loose, showing she’s no muppet when it comes to getting down.



Spreadsheet enthusiast and checklist connoisseur Megan helps kee things running smoothly behind the scenes.   Her enthusiasm Microsoft Office based fun is only matched by her love of all things swing - don’t let her awkward face fool you, she’s having a great time. Whether you see her around campus, in lessons or the supermarket she’ll likely be sneakilypractising some fancy footwork.


A.k.a Moneybags, Malthe is the man with the cash. He promises that the society will not be short of funds, due to some royal connections he has - sounds legit right? As well as counting his cash pile, hoarding gold and making sure the society ’s budget isn’t blown on nachos Moneybags is fond of looking his very sharpest for social occasions, as demonstrated by his impressive displays of hats and wigs.


Social Secretary



In her final year of university, 

Marlena plans to focus her dissertation on themes of race and sexuality within the early swing dance scene of Harlem and if that isn’t dedication, then what is! Marlena is excited to bring more of about the history and culture of Swing to the Edinburgh scene so alongside plenty of dancing, karaoke and quizzes you can look forward to socials that will make you a swing history buff and definitely count as academic past times. She’s the other half of our safe space duo, taking care of our lovely members.





Rumour has it that Ray was actually alive and present during the birth of swing itself. But alas, this is just a tantalising rumour. If talking loudly is your thing, then look no further! If verbose, self-referential emails are your bag, Ray is your guy!  And if you love swing music or dancing, then you could do a lot worse than asking our dear Publicist to dance, for he will always welcome any opportunity to triple step around a dancefloor!






Teaching Coordinator 



Hallelujah, she loves swing so! Where there are moves to learn Ruth is to be found so she’s the perfect person to make sure all     our classes feature the very finest teaching talent. You’ll no doubt love  our Saturday sessions she arranges so if you want to show your thanks to her but aren’t sure how to spot her you’re in luck. The commonly sighted Ruth  is easily identified by her distinctive method of travel - the eagle slide.








The Events Team

Our go to folks for weekends full of fun including our annual University of Swing workshop weekend. 











Did you know Katniss Everdeen is a swing fan? No? Well, now you do. Our resident Katniss look alike, Caitlinspends less time planning rebellions and more time planning jam-packed dance events with more action and entertainment than any Hunger Games could provide. She’s also a big Balboa fan (or perhaps       that should be bal-bow-a for the Katniss pun) and having  a laugh  so where Caitlin's had her input you’ll be guaranteed a good time.


In the distant realm of the dance floor you may spy a happy guy with curly hair: Who is that I hear you cry? Well, cry no more, because that is Alejandro, one-third of the amazing “Event Organization” trilogy, and co-star of buddy cop duo as “Safe-space officer”. Does he like to chat about dogs and how they are amazing? Definitely. Is he an incredible swing dancer?Work in progress. But, is he a swing ENTHUSIAST? You bet he is!

So if you want a guaranteed swingingly good time (and possibly dogs) you know what curly-haired swing dancer to go ask!


Another of our mighty events dream team Sarah is here to get everyone together for a good time and deliver to you more dancing than you can shake a jazz hand at. Sarah lives by the words “Yaaaaas solo jaaaaazz” so you’ll be sure to see her tearing up the dance floor with her own moves and no doubt she will impart her solo jazz wisdom unto us all over the year. Whatever dance style is your thing though, Sarah will be sure to be making sure you get your fill of swing.



"Ordinary" Members 

More extradordinary than ordinary.






Have no fear our swing superhero, Ainhoa is here! She’ll have you moving and grooving to all the best tunes faster than Marvel’s Quicksilver and falling for swing quicker than two romcom protagonists. Ainhoa will be using her swing superpowers to make sure you have the best time with us and with no mind tricks required she wants to show everyone that swing is the perfect way to relax, clear your head and dance your cares away.




Fiona has fallen head over heels - sometimes literally -  for swing and uses all that love to make our society fabulous. Keep your eyes peeled during the year for some of the merchandise she’ll be working on because you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it. Fiona loves social dancing so be sure to ask her to dance or if you fancy resting your feet she’s happy to chit chat till the cows cow-cow boogie