Safe Spaces




We always want our society to be a welcoming place for all members where self expression, creativity and positivity is encouraged. To make sure everyone's swing experience is a great one we operate a Safe Space Policy which you can read HERE 

To contact our Safe Space Officers use the email or to report an incident use the Google Form

1. What is a Safe Space Policy?
A safe space policy is designed to make sure members from all backgrounds can enjoy our society and feel comfortable. Our safe space policy exists to protect our members on and off the dance floor and address some of the concerns people may have about partner dancing. When you become a member of our society you agree to uphold and follow our policy. .
2. Where Do I Find the EUSDS Safe Space Policy?
We would strongly advise that all members read the policy and are familiar with it. You can find the full policy HERE. There is also information on Facebook and we are happy for members to email us for clarification or advice.
3. Who are the Safe Space Officers and What Do They Do?
Our Safe Space Officers, Alejandro and Marlena can be found on the committee page. They will be introduced in class and can be identified at socials by their committee tshirts or officer sashes.
Safe Space Officers are there to ensure that the policy is followed by everyone including teachers and committee members. They also listen to concerns raised about potential violations of the Safe Space Policy and oversee actions that result from complaints.
4.How Do I Follow the Safe Space Policy?
The easiest way to make sure you are upholding the policy is to read it and become familiar with its principles. The most important thing is to be polite, respectful and considerate of all fellow members on and off the dance floor. Respecting the boundaries of others, (including their right to say no to the offer of dancing), practising good floor craft and getting to know what your dance partners are comfortable with are all ways that you can make sure the society is a safe space for others and yourself. A great guide to dance etiquette can be found here.
5. What Do I Do If the Safe Space Policy Is Violated?
The full procedure for reporting policy violations is detailed in the policy above. If you think someone has committed a violation or has made you uncomfortable please alert one of the Safe Space Officers or a committee member. If you do not wish to speak to someone in person you are more than welcome to contact us via email or one of anonymous forms. Please note that all complaints and subsequent action are handled in confidence with discretion and will never be discussed by Safe Space Officers or committee members outwith the appropriate settings.