Your membership card gets you:


- Weekly Monday classes

- Saturday recaps, socials plus any and all spontaneous frivolities we may come up with!

- Discounts on special events

- Lots of friends and fun!


That's a whole year of lessons for £10 (£15 if you're not a University of Edinburgh student) and you don't need to join right away - just come along to one of our tasters in freshers' week or to a Monday class on week 1 & 2 and give it a go!


How to join:


Remember, you don't need membership for any of the taster sessions or for weeks one and two, they are open to all!

To buy membership online, head to the homepage and add the applicable membership (£10 University of Edinburgh student/ £15 otherwise) to your basket and checkout online.


Come along to a Monday class and speak to one of our committee members. Please try to bring the correct change to speed along the process as this will be very busy during the first few weeks.