Swing Dance Society

If you're looking for a social hobby to get you moving to great music, or dream of learning to dance like in old movies, EUSDS is for you. Our lessons give you the moves to get you on the dance floor.


  • Swing Dance Society Student Membership£10.00
  • Swing Dance Society Non-Student Membership£15.00


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When in doubt, wiggle something.


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About us

Want to dance, shimmy and shake? Want to have loads of fun and make some great friends? Join us at EUSDS for swing dance lessons, socials, events and lots more!
Swing dancing is all about fun and freedom, it is connection and improvisation between you and your partner! Whether you are looking for a creative and social hobby, are partial to vintage style and jazz music, or just want to dance and have loads of fun doing it, EUSDS is the society for you!


Our lessons are open for complete beginners in the start of each semester, and you don't need any previous experience or a partner to come along. So just bring yourself and your two feet, and you'll soon find that you are looking forward to Mondays to get your next dancing fix.
We teach Lindy Hop in Potterrow Venue every Monday, with intermediates at 6:30pm and beginners at 7:15pm, followed by social dancing at 8:00pm. We also have additional classes throughout the week, including Balboa, Solo Jazz and more! For more information, please see our full class structure.

Join us

We are soon starting a new term! If you would like to try out swing dancing in a fun and relaxed environment, please join us for a free taster class in Potterow Venue on the 11th September from 6:00pm - 7:00pm or on the 12th September from  5:00pm - 6:00pm. Alternatively, you can join any of our regular classes in the first two weeks (16th-29th of September) for free.
And after that, membership is only £10 for University of Edinburgh students (£15 otherwise) for an entire year of classes! That covers weekly lessons, social events and discounts at all our workshops. What a deal!

Learn more

To learn more about EUSDS, including our committee, class structure, safe space policy and workshops, please visit our website.

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