Sociology Society

Student? Staff? Harbouring a secret crush on Bourdieu? Join the UoE Sociology Society for a friendly and inspiring community of like-minded people.


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  • 2016 Constitution

    01 Apr 2016

    The constitution of the Sociology Society for Academic year 2016/17. Updated by Secretary

  • 2019 Constitution

    15 Jan 2020

    2019/20 Sociology Society Constitution

  • Risk Assessment 2020

    23 Jan 2020

    Live risk assessment for ongoing events and activities

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Welcome, sociology lovers! 

Whether you’re student, member of staff, or simply happen to harbour a secret crush on Bourdieu or Weber - if you’re interested in sociology, join the UoE Sociology Society for discussions, academic support, film screenings, presentations, drinks, and all kinds of creative activities. 

We aim to offer a vibrant, friendly, and inspiring community open to anyone passionate about what's happening in society and to establish closer links between undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff at the University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh Sociology Society—lovingly called SocSoc—is the perfect opportunity to bring together those that do sociology or are interested in sociology. We hold a number of events such as: 

  • Weekly Socials
  • Informal Academic Discussions
  • Film Screenings
  • Pub/Flat Crawls 
  • Pub Quizzes 
  • Guest Lecturers 

SocSoc welcomes anybody to come and join in with our amazing events!

Academic Events Officer
Gemma Volpicelli
First Year Representative
Asyanadiva Fazrary
Marketing Officer
Claire Askes
Postgrad Representative
Can Tao
Natasha Kinsman
Relations Officer
Julia Johnson
Hazel Harrop
Social Officer
Jacqueline Ransley
Cristina Smith Garcia