At the University of Edinburgh Tea Society, civilised gatherings are our speciality. Whether you're a tea connoisseur or just like a good cuppa, you're welcome to join us for a drink and casual chat.


  • SocieTEA Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • SocieTEA Student Membership£5.00

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We enjoy high quality teas and infusions from around the world, provided locally by Edinburgh tea shops as well as gathered by our members on their travels. We try to impart knowledge about their origins and how they were produced as much as possible. If you choose to join our ranks, you'll have access to our extensive 'library' of teas free of charge.
We meet every Wednesday at 5.30pm in Chaplaincy Room 1.  Everyone is welcome!  You can stay for as little or as long as you like.  We're a very low maintenence society, and don't expect anything of you beyond a civilised demenour and an open mind to whatever we're drinking.
Don't like tea?
You can't have tried them all. We drink black, green, white, yellow and flavoured tea, rooibos and herbal infusions. Challenge us to find something you like.
Membership is just £5 for the whole academic year, although you're never obliged to join. Members will be issued with cards which give a discount at a number of fantastic Edinburgh tea shops though, as well as free or discounted access to our special events. After October, Weekly MeeTeaings are £1 per week for non-members.
You can find us on Facebook:
and Instagram: @edinburghsocietea
Valeria Mogilevskaya
Alexander Pietz
Ordinary Member
Meredith Bailey
Tim Bosse
Eva Stanistreet
Meredith Bailey
Kaisun Raj
Standard Membership
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Ryan Arias-Berrocal
Meredith Bailey
Ben Banerjee-Richards
Oliver Beddow
Noe Berger
Saskia Birch
Tim Bosse
Sigourney Buell
Rebecca Bürgi
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Molly Chen
Tiffany Chien
Yvonne Clarke
Sami Cochrane
Catherine Corwin
Morgan Court
Flora Deakin
Shari Dedier
Ari Deller
Marc Di Giovanni
Ellie Dickinson
Cecilia Ek
Atoesa Farokhi
Lara Farrow
Dheviany Fatimah
Ana Maria Fernandez Grandizo Gonzalez
Pierrot Froment
Eli-Anne Gjos
Weronika Gorycka
Achintya Gupta
Drew Hager
Peter Hagis
Ian Hajnosz
Chris Hayes
Bella Hill
Sawako Inoue
Emma Joseph
Ben Katzman
Sarah Keir
Jessica Kerry
Bokyung Kim
Naomi Kinaret
Jolanda Kopp
Reka Kovacs
Nikki Leeflang
Jess Ma
Jenny Macdonald
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Alex Maynard
Ej McLaren
Jacob Milburn
Valeria Mogilevskaya
Matthew Mojsak
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Nea Ojala
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Vice President
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