Singapore Society

The Singapore Society (SingSoc), is 1) Home away from home for all who call Singapore home. 2) A diversified group of Singaporeans, who have come together to introduce Singapore to the World.


  • Singapore Society Student Membership£8.00
  • Singapore Society Non-Student Membership£10.00

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Singapore Students’ Society:

The Singapore Students' Society brings together Singaporean students to help one another find their footing in a foreign land. We also act as a contact point for members to interact with other Singaporeans all over the UK. We constantly provide and update members with information on career opportunities in Singapore during university life and upon graduation. The society organises events such as Freshers' orientations, and festival celebrations. Highlights of our annual calendar also include the annual Mooncake Festival, the Singapore Ball and ultimately, the Singapore Food Festival.

We also warmly welcome all non-Singaporean members interested in Asian or specifically South-east Asian culture, cuisine or simply meeting a fun-loving bunch of people. For anyone interested to find out more about this sunny little island called Singapore, look no further! We can give you the insider scoop on a truly Singaporean experience.

Events Director
Jj Lim
Logistics Director
Amanda Leow
Christopher Khoo
Publicity Director
Mae Ng
Joey Haw
Eman Wong
Andrea Tan