Sign Language Society


  • Sign Language Society Academic Year Student Membership£12.00
  • Sign Language Society Academic Year Non-Student Membership£15.00

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Welcome to SIGN SOC!

If you have an interest in learning and sharing sign language, and promoting it's usage in the community, this is the society for you. Sign soc is a friendly social way to pick up some new skills! 

Come along to one of our informal sessions to try it out!

Our beginners sessions run from 7.00-8.00pm on Tuesday evenings in Potterrow Dome Cafe or Teviot Dining Room (see our Facebook page to see where we are each week). In these meetings we'll be informally learning different topics in British Sign Language in a fun, relaxed setting with our fabulous teachers. We also welcome anyone with prior knowledge of sign language, to help us all learn better. We have an extension hour which runs from 8.00pm, in which anyone who wants to can stay for a little more practice.

Help us spread some British Sign Language and Deaf awareness!




Curriculum Secretary
Alessandra Francone
Fundraising Secretary
Beth Grant
Outreach Secretary
Millie Boyse
Mairi Hendry
Saul Stevens
Jose Neira
Social Secretary
Elfine Dexter
Ashlee Woo
Vice President
Saul Stevens