Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

A society in which people can share their love for Science Fiction and Fantasy related TV-shows, movies and games. Our library, at the Pleasance, is open to all members.


  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Society Non-Student Membership£6.00
  • Constitution

    29 Apr 2012

    The constitution for the sci fi and fantasy society

  • Constitution 2013

    17 Apr 2013

    The current constitution of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (updated in March 2013).

  • Risk Assessment

    20 Aug 2019

    Risk Assessment for standard Sciffy events throughout the year

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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, better known as Sciffy, is a small but strong community of lovers of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre, in all its forms. New members are always welcome to join us, at any point during the year. Everyone is welcome, student or non-student alike, as long as you love Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy.



We meet twice a week. We meet every Thursday to watch Science Fiction and/or Fantasy TV series in a semi-comfortable university venue, before retreating to a pub for a fun night (with no pressure to drink, of course!). Saturdays are our regular social night - films and boardgames in a relaxed, casual environment.



This semester will, of course, be different. But life finds a way. We're going virtual.


  • Starting on the 24th September, we are planning to watch these TV programmes: Dark, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Galavant and Gravity Falls. These will likely be streamed over Microsoft Teams. We will still have our post-viewing hangout via the magic of the internet. If you're interested in joining us, sign up here: 


Our casual film nights showcase a wide variety of films from throughout the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres – from cult classics to cliché-fests – as well as game nights where members can indulge in their love for boardgames. These events usually take place on a Saturday night. In our virtual reality, we'll be streaming these films and playing online board games, such as Jackbox and the like.



Any member can access our library of over 1600 books and expanding collection of comics & DVDs, located in the Pleasance. To find it, you must be pure of heart and manage to track down the elusive Librarian. Alternatively, just talk to one of the committee members and we can let you in. Unfortunately we can't recreate the majesty of the Library in virtual form, but you can peruse some of what is on offer via the links on our website.



For more information, just get in touch via Facebook or email the committee.

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Amadea de Silva Wheeler
Perrin Grant
Alastair Haig
Ronan McNabb
Amadea de Silva Wheeler