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Based on Scandinavian customs and traditions we organise a variety of nordic based events throughout the year for anyone who wants to join! No connection to Scandinavia is necessary.


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The Scandinavian Society is for anyone from or interested in Scandinavia, or anyone who wants to meet new people in a relaxed setting.
For many it is a chance to meet people from home and for others it is a way to learn about another culture, and mix it with their own to create experiences and ideas that are exciting and novel. Throughout the year we organise events such as Kubb, Waffle nights, treasure hunt, pub-crawls, the infamous Vikingfest, and loads more fun events. So if you’re interested in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish or Icelandic culture and heritage come along and get involved, we’d love to meet you!
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Country Representative
Sondre Wikberg
Country Representative - Denmark
Thelma Dethlefsen
Country Representative - Finland
Elsa Konkka
Country Representative - Iceland
Alex Lydsson
Country Representative - Sweden
Emma Granberg
Country Representative Manager
Thomas Echlin-Harradine
Simon Dahle Raunholm
Ilona Myllyniemi
Social Media Officer
Lina El Rasheed
Social Secretary
Hannah Fricke
Daniel Lomholt-Welch
Vice President
Solène Lomax