Relief Theatre

Relief Theatre is an exciting theatre company focused on weekly workshops on all sorts of theatrical delights - from Grotowski to games, Stanislavski to stage blood - as well as experimental projects.


  • Relief Theatre Student Membership£3.00
  • Relief Theatre Non-Student Membership£6.00

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Relief Theatre is a society dedicated to learning theatre things, trying theatre things and doing theatre things in the community.

We hold workshops every week from 4 to 6pm on Saturday afternoon in Pleasance. These workshops are different each week, and focus on a specific topic within theatre and the performing arts (from Gratowski to games, Cinematography to stage blood). These workshops are £1 for non-members and free for members, and are open to everyone regardless of experience or anything else. After the workshops, we hold our weekly discussion session in the Pleasance bar, where we talk about the workshop we have just come out of, discuss projects that are on the go, propose new ones, or just have a pint and chat about theatre. Or anything really.

Any member of the society can propose any project, so long as it is something that they haven't done before. The aim of our projects (and everything else we do) is to learn or to educate. If you want to propose, just come along to one of our discussion sessions in Pleasance, talk about roughly what you want to do, and our committee will guide you through anything you're not sure about.