Psychology Society

Edinburgh University Psychology Society: for Psychology and non-Psychology students alike! Come along to our social events and academic talks (events and talks will be online until further notice)!


  • Psychology Society Annual Student Membership£6.00
  • Psychology Society Annual Non-Student Membership£7.00
  • Edinburgh University Psychology Society Constitution

    15 Oct 2019

    The most current version of the Edinburgh University Psychology Society Constitution (2019)

  • Risk Assessment 2020

    11 May 2020

    This document summarises the risks for events planned by PsychSoc to be run in the academic year 2020-21. As events development this document will be updated to entail all PsychSoc activities.

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Whether you’re mesmerised by the mind, fascinated by Freud, awed by alliterations or just plain passionate about Psychology, we offer you the chance to find out more about this amazing subject while meeting some lovely, likeminded folk along the way!


  • Our social events (games nights, quizzes) will be held online this year (2020/21) until further notice. Rest assured they will be just as fun and exciting & we can't wait to meet all of you! 


  • We liaise with academics, professional psychologists, and alumni who act as guest speakers at our talks, offering everything from careers advice to insight on a wide range of current issues in Psychology and its related fields. Our academic talks will be held online (2020/21) until further notice. 


  • We are excited to also support the student-run psychology journal: THINK.! Come along and join their team of writers, editors and graphic designers, or just grab a free copy and keep yourself up-to-date on all things Psychology. 


  • We also raise awareness of local charities through fundraising events. 


We’re a friendly and helpful bunch so come along and give PsychSoc a try! 

Guest Speaker Coordinator
Paulina Podskubova
Julie Pedersen
PsychPALS Liaisons Officer
Dariusz Dobaczewski
Evelyn Antony
Miya Malouf
Social Secretary
Ellie Jamieson
Lucy Miller
Dariusz Dobaczewski