Pole Dancing Society

Get fit, strong and flexible, while having fun! Here at Edinburgh PoleSoc we have no limits! We offer classes for all abilities, for more information visit www.polesoced.com


  • Pole Dancing Society Academic Year Student Membership£10.00
  • Pole Dancing Society Semester Two Student Membership£4.00
  • Pole Dancing Society Academic Year Non Student Membership£15.00
  • Pole Dancing Society Semester Two Non Student Membership£7.00

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Welcome to pole dancing society of Edinburgh University!

Why do pole fitness?

Get fit, strong and flexible, while having fun! Pole fitness is the great way to achieve that!

Come to our classes and learn how to defy gravity by doing spins and tricks on the pole. Improve self-esteem and gain confidence!

Pole fitness is for everyone regardless of your age, shape or gender!


What do we offer?

We offer classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These take place on different days and times so they are available to as many people as possible. We also offer a variety of workshops including ones specifically focusing on flexibility and choreography.

Classes are only £3 for beginners, £4 for intermediate/advanced and £5 for workshops.

Currently all classes are online due to Covid-19, please check the timetable and class prices on our website.

Please bear in mind that you must pay for membership upfront and then each class individually - we do aim to be competitive with other pole studios in Edinburgh 

Timetable (all classes are held in Pleasance, unless stated otherwise).


Don’t forget to bring appropriate wear for the classes!

Beginners pole shorts/vest top, leggings and t-shirt will be OK

Beginners progression pole shorts will be required as certain moves require skin contact

Intermediate/Advanced  pole shorts/hotpants and crop top will be required as skin contact is required

Please avoid using moisturisers (including sun lotion and spray tan) before the lessons (unless they are suitable for pole) as it will make pole slippery and dangerous for you and others!


We are a little bit famous!

Here is a video of one of the members from the society winning student category of Mr and Miss Pole Dance Scotland:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUk_TmMlFjQ


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Competition Organiser
Caroline Kotz
Events Coordinator
Megan Bland
Prerna Khanna
General Committee Member
Feiya Hu
Lucja Kostrzewa
Katrina Shlyakonova
Dani Scrimgeour
Social Media Officer
Hana Khan
Social Officer
Jade Nelson
Team Coordinator
Rhea Prabal
Tanith Bain
Vice President
Kajal Chopra