Philosophy Society


  • Philosophy Society Academic Year Student Membership£5.00
  • Philosophy Society Semester Two Membership£1.00
  • Constitution 3 April 2020

    04 Apr 2020

    The Official Constitution of the Edinburgh University Philosophy Society, as approved at the Annual General Meeting on 3 April, 2020. Uploaded by Nathan Zou, Co-President 20/21

  • PhilSoc Risk Assessment 2020 to 2021

    16 Sep 2020

    Our risk assessment for this academic year.

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Founded in 1871, Philosophy Society is a lively and active academic society which aims to promote the study of philosophy throughout the university. We run four events every week including guest lectures, discussion groups and reading groups, as well as copious socials and academic support sessions. We maintain a society library in the Dugald Stewart building and are in the process of publishing a regular academic journal. Our lecture series attracts leading names in philosophy from all over the world, last year including talks from Simon Blackburn and Timothy Williamson, while our lively discussion groups offer a friendly and informal context in which to chat and discuss philosophical issues. The society assumes no previous knowledge and actively encourages students from a wide range of academic disciplines to come along and get involved in any way that they would like to.

Department Liaison Officer
Jose Neira
Discussion Group Organiser
Annika Cleland-Hura
Niya Ivanova
Equity and Diversity Officer
Deniz Yalcin
First-Year Representative
Frej Akerstrom
Kelsey Wengert
Journal Editor
Will Penkethman-Carr
Lara Slyce
Lecture Organiser
Joe Rosie
Nathan Zou
Marketing Officer
Monika Zon
Ordinary Member
Amy Alexander
Sam Enright
Angus Forbes-Cable
Andrej Gregus
Lorna Modeen
Will Penkethman-Carr
Joe Rosie
PhilPALs Co-ordinator
Max Ekstrand
Claes Soerensen
Post-Grad Representative
Andrew Zelny
Siena Wotherspoon
Nathan Zou
Proceedings Organiser
Matthew McClure
Reading Group Organiser
Arian Eshtehardian Karsbrink
Elina Turner
Monika Zon
Social Secretary
Henrik Longva Stavdal
Sophie Williams
Matthew McClure