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We are an independent literary magazine self-published by a community of writers in Edinburgh. We run weekly workshops and publish an annual issue of creative writing, essays and travel writing.


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The distant origins of Nomad are all but forgotten. The founding mothers and fathers, rumour has it, went on to write for major national publications. A generation after, our society re-surfaced and printed its first magazine in many years, forming a close-knit community of writers whose activity revolves around weekly workshops, and fundraisers towards the annual printing and distribution of the magazine. 

This intimate community of writers has continued to expand and evolve over the years as members graduate and leave, and new people begin to contribute. But what endures at NOMAD is a passion for fostering a supportive, creative atmosphere that encourages people to share their writing with others. We believe in a communal editing and workshopping process. 

Our weekly workshops are on Wednesdays at The Royal Dick Pub in Summerhall from 5:30 pm. At our workshops, we discuss all the pieces that brought along by members or posted on our Facebook page: Nomad Workshop Pieces, for that week. We get a pint or a coffee and talk about the pieces and often end with a free writing session. Occasionally we have workshops delivered by section editors focused around a specific stimulus from which we might take inspiration or geared towards teaching people how to approach a particular type of writing.  Fundraisers take the form of open mics, poetry readings and gigs at Henry's Cellar Bar.

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Stella Benenati
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