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At the Medieval Re-enactment Society we recreate all aspects of life from 600 to 1600AD. From feasts to calligraphy and even to medieval combat skills we cover it all on a regular basis.


  • Medieval Reenactment Society Student Membership£5.00
  • Medieval Reenactment Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Constitution 2012

    27 May 2012

    The constitution of the Medieval Re- enactment Society

  • Constitution 2017

    05 Apr 2017

    The Constitution of the Edinburgh University Medieval Re-enactment Society, as of April 2017

  • Constitution 2018

    20 Mar 2018

    Society Constitution

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Welcome to the Edinburgh University Medieval Re-enactment Society, also known as the Realm of Perfidious Albion. We recreate all aspects of life in Britain from 600 till 1600AD. Our regular meetings cover things such as medieval costume making, cooking with authentic recipes and ingredients, calligraphy and iluminated letters as well as learning medieval combat skills from translated period textbooks. Our regular meetings are:


General Meetings

Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm, the Muro Room in the Pleasance.

This is our general purpose meeting, in which we have lectures and workshops on a wide variety of topics, given by our members and guest speakers. We also hold out AGM and other similar meetings at this time. A timetable with more details can be found here:



Medieval Combat Practice

Sundays,  2pm-4pm, Bruntsfield links

This is were we learn medieval combat techniques with all sorts of period weapons. Please note that in order to pay for the upkeep and replacement of equipment people wishing to attend this meeting will be required to pay an extra £5 per term on top of the existing membership fee. Contact AJ at for details or enquiries.


Music practise

Sundays, exact time and place varies

This is where those interested in performing at feasts and other PA events research and practise medieval songs and dances. Contact Nicky at for details or enquires.


As well as these meetings we also hold two feasts a year where we cook 8 courses worth of medieval food with entertainment provided between each course in the form of music, dancing or story telling. In the middle of each feast we also hold the society court where we attend to any matters that the society needs to address. 


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For photos, resources, links and the Chronicles, see this website:

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