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MedAID for International Need (Edinburgh)

MedAID is a charity which collects unused medical equipment from hospitals across the Edinburgh area, and transports and distributes them to resource-limited settings in developing countries.


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We therefore contribute to the advancement of health in a variety of healthcare settings worldwide. Most of our equipment is sent out via medical and nursing students on their electives to exotic destinations which have included Fiji, Uganda, Malawi,Tanzania and the Solomon Islands.

By transporting unwanted equipment to places that need it most we can make improvements in the quality of life of local people that are sustained beyond the inital health intervention. We aim to form long-term relationships with healthcare providers both in the UK and abroad and as a result can provide a more tailored service to the recieving healthcare provider.

We therefore need enthusiastic students like you to help with the collection of equipment in the UK, it's management in MedAid and then transport abroad! If you are going on holiday or to work in a developing country and would like to make a contribution by helping to transport equipment please contact us! We will source specific equipment, can help with baggage allowance costs and will ensure hassle-free collection of equipment at a time and place that suits you.

Anyone wanting to get involved with the hugely important "behind the scences" day-to-day running of the society should also please contact us for info on our next meeting!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Fundraising Coordinator
Adrian Wilder-Smith
Edward Christopher
Publicity and Web Design Director
Jamie Kok
Hannah Patterson
Resource Director
Svenja Harvey
Emily Richardson
Alba Saenz De Villaverde Cortabarria
Senior Advisor
Amanda Leow
Huai Ling Tan
Veterinary Coordinator
Lauren Furey
Charlotte Vawdrey
Vice President
Justin Chiong Wei