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The University of Edinburgh Marxist Society, familiarly known as MarxSoc, is a non-sectarian leftist organisation which holds strongly to an intersectional feminist, anti-racist, pro LGBTQIA+, anti-capitalist ideology. 


As a society we aim to provide students interested in radical left-wing politics with a forum to discuss, debate, and learn about all verities of left ideology. We are a very open and welcoming group of leftists; within our ‘broad church’ we have luxemburgists, orthodox marxists, left communists, anarchists, egoists, maoists, trotskyists and lots of other leftist ideologies.


We do not hold any affiliation with any political organisation and support very few specific policies beyond the basics listed above, in an attempt to support an open debate forum where members can feel comfortable sharing and discussing various points of view.


The basic format of the society is one where a weekly event is held, ranging from relaxed socials to formal lectures given by visiting guests, and everything in between. Some other fun things to expect at meetings are open debates, talks about pressing political issues, planning meetings with banner making for protests, book club meetings, and much more.


All meetings are held in a democratic format with an attempt to allow all those in attendance to participate equally in a safe space. All society decisions are made via democratic consensus structure, meaning committee members act as purely administrative positions and the society itself functions completely autonomously. Check us out on Facebook and at our website,, or stop by one of our meetings some time! f you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on any of our channels, or by emailing

General Committee Member
Tom Brown
Dan Philp
Emma Kavik
Inge Erdal
Zac Draysey
Vice President
Theis Bregnballe