Islamic Society of Edinburgh University

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At the Islamic Society (ISocEd), we aim to provide a space to meet and gather for all who are interested in Islam, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. We welcome students and staff from all backgrounds to any of our meetings or events.


Regular meetings run during semester time on Wednesday, 5pm, in the Chaplaincy Auditorium (Potterow).

The first meeting for year 2016/2017 will be Tuesday 13th September 2016, inshaAllah (God willing).


ISocEd was formed in 2001 to represent and unite the numerous Muslim students at Edinburgh Universtiy, by catering for their spiritual and social needs during their time here and beyond. Additionally, we aim to promote a positive understanding of Islam and Muslims to the wider student body and the Edinburgh community through talks, discussions and more novel events.
Islam’s diversity is truly reflected in our society, where local and international students will feel right at home as we exchange the global greeting of Salaam: Peace.

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