Irish Society

Top of the morning to ya! We are the University of Edinburgh Irish Soc, the society with the best craic in Edinburgh!


  • Irish Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Irish Society Non Student Membership£5.00

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Are you from the Emerald Isle?
Do you count potatoes as a food group?
Are you known for wearing green and hiding pots of gold?
Or perhaps you just have an undying love for the accent! If the answer to any, or all, of these questions is yes, and you're Irish or just want to be - then the Irish Society is for you!
The society is for everyone, Irish or not, who wants to meet in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and take part in Irish events (which most likely involve the drink!). We represent students from both sides of the border and of all political and religious persuasions, anyone up for the craic!
Throughout the year, we'll be organising huge Irish-styled pubcrawls, cultural and sporting events, such as Irish dance and language evenings, and of course all the craic over St.Paddys. In addition to these huge events, there will be many more things you'll be able to look forward to over the year.

If you like the sound of the Society why don't you sign up and follow us on facebook at or email us at the address above!


Helena Nugent
Oissene Donnelly
Timmy Murphy