GEAS: The Roleplaying Society

Edinburgh University's Roleplaying association.


  • GEAS: The Roleplaying Society Academic Year Student Membership£1.50
  • GEAS: The Roleplaying Society Academic Year Non-Student Membership£1.50

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Greetings Grand Adventurers! 

Welcome to GEAS, Edinburgh University’s roleplaying society. 

We are a group of players from all backgrounds and classes looking for new and old members to join/rejoin us in our weekly shenanigans. 

Usually we meet thrice weekly for games, campaigns and merriment, although this year we will be hosting our events digitally until it is safe for us all to come together and quest again. 

Our events will be run using an efficiently designed discord server crafted by one of our talented committee members, which will include many channels for socialising, gaming and fun. 

This server can be found at

Once you have purchased membership to our society you will gain access to all channels and find many opportunities to join campaigns throughout the term. 

Our game slots are as follows: 

Wednesday 6pm -10pm 

Sundays 1pm - 5pm and 6pm -10pm 

Our discord server is designed for players to easily find games to join while maintaining a safe and welcoming environment which is reflected by our anti- harassment policies and use of  safety tools. 

Our flexibility with playing online allows for us to make role playing as accessible as it can be and offer students who can’t yet make it over to us in person, to meet like minded individuals and socialise from a safe space. 

We offer a variety of adventures using a variety of systems, and welcome game masters and players of all skill levels. 

We look forward to meeting you online and eventually around the table! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email at:

For the glory of GEAS, 

Your 2020/2021 Committee 


Robyn Higgins
Sophie Hine
Amy McMonagle