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  • Harry Potter Society Non-Student Academic Year Membership£11.00
  • Harry Potter Society Semester One Student Membership£4.00

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Semester Schedule (2018)

16/09, 19:00 Sorting Ceremony - Dining Room, Teviot
19/09, 19:00 Big Potter Quiz - Potterow Dome
26/09, 19:30 Birthday Party - Study, Teviot
03/10, 19:30 Scavenger Hunt for Horcruxes - Dining Room, Teviot
10/10, 19:30 Ollivanders Night - Dining Room, Teviot
17/10, TBA Pub Quiz - TBA
24/10, 19:30 Werewolves - Dining Room, Teviot
01/10, TBA Deathday Party - TBA
07/11, 20:00 Film Screening - Debating Hall, Teviot Hall
14/11, 20:00 Escape Room and Games Night - Dining Room, Teviot
21/11, 19:00 Pub Quiz - Three Sisters, Gothic Room
28/11, 20:00 Yule Ball - Debating Hall, Teviot
05/12, TBA Christmas at the Weasleys - TBA


The Harry Potter Alliance Chapter

The Edinburgh Unicorns HPA chapter meet on Mondays at 5:30pm, the place will be announced on their Facebook page. If you wish to find out about what they do, go check out the facebook page or send them an email to edinburghunicornshpa@gmail.com. 

Harry Potter Alliance is a fan-organised charity that 'fights the real life dark arts'!

We are proud to support such an honourable charity as HPA.



About Us

The Harry Potter Society exists to bring together fans of the books and films through an array of exciting events!  Here's a peek into the goings-on of our society:


-- We usually meet on Wednesday nights (for exact locations and times, see the Upcoming Events section or check our facebook group), holding events that range from debate/discussion nights, game nights (think quodpot, wizard chess and wizard charades) to pub quizzes and craft nights (e.g. Christmas at the Weasleys'), making the society an excellent way to meet and chill together with fellow Potter fans!  


-- For more serious magical students, the pub quizzes will help prepare for the end-of-year OWLs and NEWTs


-- We host an annual Sorting Ceremony and Leaving Feast, and each year also host different large events (past events include the likes of the Yule ball, the Deathday Party, a ceilidh in the Chamber of Secrets and a Slug Club party).

September 2016: Sorting Ceremony  (photo cred: Ailsa Speirs)


-- In addition to the already fun meetings & events, our society also holds socials and trips (for example the past Hallowe'en Death Eater Pub Crawl, cinema trips, Christmas socials, outings/trips to various Harry Potter-related monuments) and welcome members to hang out outside of society business. 

October 2016: Deathday Party (photo cred: Ailsa Speirs)


-- The Trip Away we try to make happen annually is a great chance to take a break from studies and to bond with other members, all while exploring more of Scotland! 


-- We helped organise Snow Ball, a wizard rock charity concert every few years. Bands and fans come from all over the world to watch or perform.

November 2016: Snow Ball (photo cred: Ailsa Speirs)


-- We have a  radio show - the Ministry of Magical Sound - Our radio show is not currently active but you can listen to old episodes on mixcloud.


Our society is very open and welcoming and on top of our obsession over the Harry Potter fandom it's not uncommon to find us also getting excited about and discussing other fandoms together. If you'd like to get involved with any of our activities, come to a meeting and find a commitee member, or contact us (see below).

So come grab a butterbeer with us for a bit of relaxation and lots of of nerding out! 



Further Links:

- EUHPSoc's external website

- EUHPSoc's Facebook Group

- EUHPSoc's Tumblr blog

- EUHPSoc's Twitter profile

- Email us Send us an Owl (euharrypottersociety@gmail.com) to be added to the mailing list and/or to the Facebook group, for enquiries, to say hello...






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Head of Hufflepuff
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Head of Ravenclaw
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Emily Hochkins
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Catriona Kirk
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