Game Development Society


Game Development Society (GameDevSoc) is a society designed to help students who are interested in game development, primarily computer games, get in touch with others in Edinburgh who share this interest. The society is open to students and non-students alike, and to people involved in all aspects of game development: writers, programmers, artists, animators, modellers and sound engineers, as well as people with creative interests who do not have any previous experience with game development


As well as connecting people, we act as a learning platform. We firmly believe that game development should be made accessible and a diverse crowd of people from different backgrounds would make the medium grow. Thus, we want to provide members with food for thought and kickstart newer members into making games.


We host monthly socials, where people can share ideas, help each other and show their games. At each social, a couple of talks take place, ranging from sound engineering to the parallels between art & games. We also organise gamejams, which are extremely fun and are a great way for beginners to jump into gamemaking!


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Office Bearers
Events Coordinator
Anubhav Chakravarty
Yu Jo Tseng
Outreach and Social Media Coordinator
Yu Jo Tseng
Katie Worton
Tatsuya Haddow
Alan Paul
Katie Worton

  • Game Development Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Game Development Society Non-Student Membership£3.00